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Environmental Department

Image of Departamento Ambiental

The world does not recognize borders in environmental matters, therefore Pangea Global puts its efforts in finding sustainable solutions to the measure of its necessity.

We specialize in:

  • EsIA (Environmental Impact Studies) according to state requirements Dec. 101/03. Annex VI. 
  • IAC (Compliance Environmental Reports) according to the state requirements. Dec. 101/03 Annex V.
  • ABC categorization forms according to the state requirements of the SMA.
  • Environmental monitoring, air quality studies, water, soil, noise maps to the environment or industrial
  • Management of hazardous, non-hazardous and industrial waste.
  • Training according to your needs can be developed in company or in our facilities.
  • Procedures and industrial dumping permit before ASSA (Aguas Santafesinas S.A.).
  • Evaluation of contaminated sites, environmental liabilities.
  • Implementation of MPA to the requirements of Litoral Gas S.A.
  • Accomplishment and integral advice of PMA of road works in all the territory of the Rep. Argentina according to standards of National Highway.
  • Environmental Baseline Studies (LBA).
  • Environmental audits.
  • Instrumentation of Works and experiences in Cleaner Production. Argentine accredited auditors.
  • Development of technologies for the treatment of waste, emissions and effluents.

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