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Health and Safety Department

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Human resources are the most valuable thing for a company, so we have Technicians and Health and Safety Engineers dedicated exclusively to provide work solutions.

Our Health and Safety Engineers are exclusively dedicated to achieving clarity and prevention of occupational hazards in accordance with the requirements of National Law 19.587 with its Dec. Reg. 351/79.

  • Implementation of the service of integral Health and Safety. Technical file, Security Program and Technical assistance in plant.
  • Evacuation plans.
  • Analysis jobs risks.
  • Determination of the Personal Protection to be used in each position.
  • Calculations of fire load and fire extinguishing potential required.
  • Studies of ventilation and air quality, control of respirable dust, particulate and air renewal calculations.
  • Ergonomic studies.
  • Lighting studies according to SRT 84/12.
  • Measurement of noise in the working environment according to SRT Res. 85/12.
  • Thermal load studies.
  • Grounding studies.
  • Customized training tailored to your needs can be developed in company or in our establishment.
  • Management and development of reports for the Ministry of Labor.

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