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Engineer Department

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The current level of competitiveness forces us to be as efficient as possible in all operations of the company and to make the best use of available resources with the tools provided by the engineering.

At Pangea Global we have a team of Industrial Engineers with experience in service, manufacturing and construction companies that will help you increase the profitability of your operations.
Our specialty is interdisciplinary work, root of the best developments. The calculation is a tool that counts a good engineer to demonstrate the best solution to the problems present in each activity.

Industrial Engineering provides a vast set of tools to increase productivity, reduce costs, evaluate investment alternatives and analyze courses of action.

Some of the activities we develop are:

  • Development of tools to set up production plans.
  • Analysis and re-structuring of lay-out of industrial plants, to reduce the costs associated with delays and movements. (Basic Plant Engineering)
  • Development of control boards for management.
  • Evaluation of technical and economic feasibility of investment projects.
  • Projection of scenarios, evaluation of operational alternatives and logistics.
  • Simulation of processes and operations for analysis of improvements.
  • Detection of bottlenecks and critical factors, we propose solutions that improve efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Reduction of stocks.
  • Studies of methods and times.
  • Training in methodologies of management and improvement of processes.

We have established bases in the local market for the basic engineering developments that we detail:

  • Projects of treatment of industrial and sewage effluents.
  • Designs of machines and equipment of productive processes.
  • Development of monitoring and seating chambers, sedimentation chambers and inspection chambers.
  • Gaseous emissions treatment projects.
  • Development of equipment for the reduction and recycling of waste.
  • Reuse of inert materials from companies.
  • Settling chambers, inspection chambers, custom treatments.
  • Restructuration of spaces to reduce sound impacts.

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