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Legal Department

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Specialists in Health, Environmental and Company Law work daily to solve the diverse problems of our clients.

For the development of all activities is essential the intersection between technical and legal aspects, therefore, and understood the importance of this department is that we have been associated with the Notarial Legal Study Carbajo Prado - https://www.carbajoprado.com .ar -

Professionals with a strong track record in Environmental Law provide a safe framework for business development.

Complementing the environmental legal work are developed:

  • Administrative and Customs Law

Since Rosario is a key pole of the country's economic development, specialization in these areas both in its internal aspect and also in relation to Foreign Trade, has become imperative in our service delivery. Thus, we have dedicated ourselves to deal with the unforeseen events that have been presented to us every day, with the purpose of resolving the formalities for summary proceedings for infractions, challenges to export and import duties, sub-invoicing, preventive values, criterion values, , Challenge of export rights, tariff classifications, collection of refunds, etc.

Contests and Bankruptcies
Insolvency proceedings, refinancing of liabilities in the group of bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings have been carried out successfully, both in order to advise and / or represent debtors, private creditors or creditors' committees, assuming in each case the representation Of them in processes of verification of credits as of the purchase of failed companies, execution of guarantees and guarantees and other similar interests.

  • Intellectual property

Advice on projects and internet companies in relation to intellectual property, tax issues, corporate and governance structure, employee benefits and plans for executives and advisors. Electronic commerce and internet-related matters: user contracts, liability exemption clauses, intellectual property protection, data encryption, digital signature, consumer protection, personal data protection and online trading.
Contracts related to hardware information, licensing, development and maintenance of software, outsourcing or outsourcing.

  • Sports Law

Our advice is addressed to athletes, clubs, associations, leagues and federations, in procedures that can be processed before the ordinary courts, before internal and / or external commissions or courts (disciplinary and / or ethical), as well as before the arbitral tribunals that Exist for the case. Negotiation and drafting of contracts (labor, image, etc.), collection procedures in training mechanisms, advisory opinions of Disciplinary Courts and / or Ethics, as well as with respect to Industrial or Intellectual Property Rights related to the shows Sports

  • Civil, Commercial and Labor Litigation

The tasks in the Civil, Commercial and Labor litigation are carried out according to procedural strategies, tactics and procedures, accompanied by a rigorous follow up until the litigation is concluded.
Previously each case is subjected to a detailed analysis of circumstances and interests that in opportunities lead to the use of alternative methods to resolve the issue without the need for a judicial process.
The methodology assumed as a policy of the Study is also applicable to clients residing in the interior of the country or abroad, since it requires the support of its own team of correspondents of the Study located in other jurisdictions.

  • Mediation and Arbitration

The study is particularly interested in the practice of preventive law in both areas, sponsoring clients before mediators and arbitral tribunals in the search for alternative methods of dispute resolution, extrajudicial conflicts, agreements, agreements and / or negotiation before entities.

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